Maya报错:Cannot find procedure "DCF_updateViewportList". - 喵喵动画屋

Maya报错:Cannot find procedure “DCF_updateViewportList”.

This will iterate all modelPanels and remove the "CgAbBlastPanelOptChangeCallback"
As such, after running this the following error should be fixed:
    // Error: line 1: Cannot find procedure "CgAbBlastPanelOptChangeCallback". //

from maya import cmds

for model_panel in cmds.getPanel(typ="modelPanel"):
    # Get callback of the model editor
    callback = cmds.modelEditor(model_panel, query=True, editorChanged=True)
    # If the callback is the erroneous `CgAbBlastPanelOptChangeCallback`
    if callback == "CgAbBlastPanelOptChangeCallback":
        # Remove the callbacks from the editor
        cmds.modelEditor(model_panel, edit=True, editorChanged="")


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